Morning Question

I sit in my normal spot in the corner of the coffee shop. My head rests against the window frame, and my eyes wander wistfully over the trees outside, bathed in the fresh light of another sunrise. Another day begins in this strange new world. Oh, yes, I’m settling in all right. I know where all my classes are and don’t have trouble finding them. I know where I like to study and where I won’t get things done. I know which days I need to be up before the sun in order to turn everything in on time. To the casual observer, I have no doubt I’d blend right in with all the rest of the students here.

But looks can be deceiving. I look around and realize that there’s not a single person here that I really trust. It’s not that I really distrust any of them, but there’s a long distance between a conscious distrust and knowing that you can talk to someone about anything. And all I feel is overwhelming indifference. I keep looking around with the vague thought that I want to go home, and then realize that this is where I live now, even though I feel like an outsider. And that’s the question that plays in my mind as I stare out the window… Will this ever be home?


About Stephanie Joy

I'm just a girl growing up in a world with very little light and trying to follow God's will for my life. I love Jesus, my family, and my friends, and I pray that somehow someone will be blessed through my scribblings. View all posts by Stephanie Joy

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